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Was Malia Obama involved in a college admissions scandal of her own? That’s what one tabloid reported a while back. Gossip Cop wants to take a second look at the claims.

The Obama’s Bought Malia’s Way Into Harvard?

Back in 2019, the Globe published an article alleging Malia Obama possibly got into Harvard based on her parents’ money and reputation rather than her academic prowess. The article was full of testimonies from supposed Harvard students. The students claimed they believed Malia was involved in the infamous 2019 college admissions scandal. The source of speculation came down to Gordon Ernst.

Ernst was a Georgetown University tennis coach, and one of the main players in the scandal. He was charged in March of 2019 with taking over $2 million in bribes. Ernst specialized in landing unqualified students spots on elite schools’ tennis teams. To do this, Ernst would often fabricate a student’s credentials so they could get into prestigious schools. The article was suspicious of Malia’s Harvard admission due to her connection to Ernst.

According to a 2014 New York Times profile on Michelle Obama, Ernst worked with both the first lady and Malia on their tennis skills. This set off alarm bells for people following the scandal closely, and that was a lot of people. As an alleged Harvard student told the magazine, “Malia is mortified about being dragged into the largest scandal in college admissions history.”

Malia Was Accepted Into Harvard On Her Own Merit

That being said, the article ignores one very important point: Malia did not get into Harvard based on her tennis skills. We do know that Malia has not been on Harvard’s tennis team at any point while she’s been attending. She was not accepted into the school as any kind of athletic recruit. Her connection to the scandal began and ended with her brief association with Ernst. Guilt by association is a flimsy conviction, and clearly, Malia’s admission to Harvard had nothing to do with the scandal.

Since this article was published, no more details have come out connecting Malia or any of the Obamas to the college admissions scandal. Their association to the guilty tennis coach was an unfortunate coincidence, and nothing more.

The Tabloid On The Obama Family

Furthermore, it’s hard to trust the Globe to keep us updated on the Obamas. This same publication claimed last year that Michelle and Barack Obama were divorcing, which Gossip Cop proved totally false. The magazine also claimed Michelle was suffering from depression and trapped in a bad marriage and had plans to step out of the limelight, which Gossip Cop proved just as absurd as it sounded. Furthermore, the tabloid has falsified reports on Malia’s relationship with her boyfriend, claiming they’d gotten engaged and subsequently called their engagement off, none of which ever transpired. Clearly, this tabloid doesn’t have the inside scoop on the Obamas it claims to.

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