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Steve Harvey may be perceived as a relationship expert, but that doesn’t mean his marriage doesn’t face its fair share of problems. In 2019, a tabloid claimed that wife Marjorie threatened to divorce the famous TV host due to rumors about his infidelity and “wandering eye.” Over a year later, Gossip Cop is revisiting the story to see where the couple stands today.

Was There a Crisis In The Harveys’ Marriage?

The National Enquirer claimed in October 2019 that Steve and Marjorie Harvey were facing a crisis in their marriage. Calling the Think Like A Man author a “horndog,” the magazine alleged the couple’s 12-year marriage was under stress due to the cancelation of two of his television shows and cheating rumors.

“It’s no secret Steve has a wandering eye, and rumors keep trickling back to Marjorie. Word is, she’s threatening divorce,” an unnamed secret source told the publication. Marjorie posting pictures on Instagram without a wedding ring did not quell the speculation. “Steve cheated on both of his previous wives. Marjorie needed to get away and clear her head,” the insider said. 

Steve Harvey’s Declaration

The Harveys are known for their passionate marriage. Steve has talked about their relationships on his numerous talk shows. As Gossip Cop pointed out at the time, the couple tag and mention each other on Instagram from time to time, mainly on major “couple” holidays, like Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving. There’s no reason to believe there’s anything but love between the two.

A more recent example of Harvey showing his affection on social media happened in April, when the comedian posted a video of himself on Instagram talking to the Family Feud audience behind the scenes. The story he tells is how he knew his wife Marjorie was the one. “The very first words I said to her when I saw her, it was in the comedy club one night. She came in late, sitting on the front row with her girlfriend. I stopped my show as soon as I saw her. The first word I said to Marjorie was, ‘I don’t know who you are, but I’ma marry you one day.” He says they eventually lost touch and married other people, but as soon as he was divorced, Marjorie called him. They have been together ever since. He then ends his story by saying his wife got mad at him that morning because he left the house without saying goodbye. They very much still love each other, and there aren’t any threats being exchanged over wandering eyes.

Other Rumors About The Harveys

This is not the first time the couple’s marriage has been called into question by the National Enquirer. In April 2020, the publication alleged that Marjorie walked out on Steve after a huge fight. In 2018, the rag claimed that due to his close relationship with Kris Jenner, Harvey was now involved in a $400 million divorce. Gossip Cop busted both stories.

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