Mark Strong is that rare breed of actor that can do anything. And I do mean anything. This man is perhaps one of the most talented performers working today. His terrific work in films such as 1917, Shazam, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Tne Imitation Game, and so much more are beyond impressive. And in the latest live-action Disney adventure CRUELLA, he truly brings the character of “John the Valet” to life. And while his performance is great, it also helps that the Craig Gillespie directed feature is a wondrously entertaining flick with Academy Award-worthy performances from both Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. Colorful, emotional, hilarious, and with a very dark edge, this is one of the most enjoyable features so far this year. Believe the hype.

Recently, I had the great honor of chatting with Mr. Strong. As a long-time fan of the actor, it’s always such an immense pleasure speaking with Mark about his work. He is kind, charming, and just a terrific guy to talk to. He opened up about his appreciation for Cruella, the possibility of a sequel, and working with Gillespie. The actor gave high praise to his co-stars, and just how fantastic it must have been working with both Ms. Stone and Ms. Thompson. Mark also discussed some of his previous work, and the choices he’s made. As well, with a Kingsman prequel coming up, he appeared to be interested in returning to the play Merlin in another Kingsman adventure – even though we all know his fate in The Golden Circle. Mark Strong is an incredible talent, and he’s one of the many reasons to check out Cruella. And yes, it’s more than just well worth a watch. Check it out in theatres, and on Disney+!

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