Loki Marvel Disney series season 2

According to a new listing in Production Weekly Marvel’s Loki TV series has been renewed for a second season. The publication, which lists upcoming opportunities for crew and service workers within the film industry, suggests that filming for season 2 will kick off in January 2022. Assuming this report is accurate, the sophomore season of Marvel’s Loki will be shot under the working title Architect.

Neither Disney nor Marvel have confirmed plans for a second season starring Marvel’s traitorous trickster, though it’s worth noting that Production Weekly only lists legitimate projects for industry workers to consider for potential employment.

While much has remained hush for Marvel’s upcoming slate of television shows, a season 2 renewal for Loki would mean that Disney is confident in the project before the first season makes its way to Disney+ sometime next year. For the moment, the plot of Loki remains a mystery beyond the series focusing on the version of Tom Hiddleston’s villain who escaped from the alternate 2012 timeline during the “Time Heist” thread of AVENGERS: ENDGAME. With Loki on the run and corrupting the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it soon becomes time for the Time Variance Authority to step in and attempt to take control of the situation. According to reports, the story could see Loki being arrested by the TVA and placed under interrogation. There have also been rumors of Kang the Conquerer (Jonathan Majors) being mentioned as a part of the story, thereby setting up one of Marvel’s new and most threatening villains.

That certainly is a lot to digest, and all while fans are still waiting for a confirmed premiere date for WandaVision, which is supposed to launch on Disney+ this December. Here’s hoping that Disney provides us with more updates regarding their Marvel TV series rollout in the coming weeks.

How excited are you for Disney and Marvel to launch their upcoming TV series? It’s been a long time since the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home and I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely been going through withdrawal. Let’s get that WandaVision premiere date on lock, Disney, and get the show on the road!

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