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Marvel is either really good at keeping secrets or really bad, and when it takes them months to officially confirm casting that has been known since last year, you’ve got to wonder what’s going on. It was revealed seven months ago that Oscar Isaac would be starring in Marvel’s Moon Knight series for Disney+, but it’s taken this long for the studio to officially confirm the casting.

Prior to becoming Moon Knight, Marc Spector was a former Marine and CIA agent before becoming a soldier-for-hire, and he amassed quite the fortune for himself over the years. However, when a job in Cairo brought him to a secret archaeological dig, Spector was left for dead by a former colleague who massacred the workers. After dragging himself through the sands towards the tomb of Konshu, the Egyptian moon god, Spector was placed beneath a statue of the god before his heart beat its last. Konshu then appeared before him in a vision and offered Spector a second chance at life if he would become the god’s avatar on Earth and defend the innocent. In addition to Oscar Isaac, Moon Knight is also set to star Ethan Hawke (The Black Phone), who will reportedly be playing the lead villain of the series, as well as May Calamawy (Ramy) in what is said to be a “key role.

The six-episode series will be directed by Mohamed Diab (Clash) as well as Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead, the filmmaking team behind The Endless and Synchronic, and is expected to launch on Disney+ in 2022. Our next Marvel series to land on Disney+ will be Loki, which is set to debut on June 9, 2021.

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