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Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso celebrated their 15th anniversary this past December, but the weeks afterward were apparently less harmonious. One report says that Damon’s relationship was in serious trouble recently. Here’s what we know.

Matt Damon ‘Neglected’ His Wife?

OK! reveals the history of problems in its article “Matt & Luciana: Back On Track,” where an insider source explains that Damon and his wife nearly had a brush with disaster after “hitting a rough patch” the past few months. Back in January, the actor was seen without his wedding ring on multiple occasions, hinting at the possibility of a split from Barroso. “The pair’s 15-year marriage was rumored to be hanging by a thread,” the outlet says.

However, the A-lister managed to save his relationship when he brought his whole family with him to Australia while he filmed Thor: Love and Thunder. “Matt has been arranging date nights, showering her with presents, and even hired a top chef to cook all their meals,” the insider says. “He knows he started to get complacent and neglected Luciana. He feels like a heel, but he’s promised her not to let things get so bad again.” This time, thankfully, it looks like a permanent change for Damon. “He’s so determined to put the spark back in their marriage, and it seems to be working!” the snitch concludes.

Are Matt Damon And Luciana Barroso Okay?

We’ll be honest, we’re sure that Matt Damon comes up with some nice date nights and presents for his wife. However, we’re betting that he does those things — and has done those things — simply because he loves his wife. There’s absolutely no evidence that he’s only just now started being kind after 15 years in an attempt to save his marriage. There were plenty of date nights when they weren’t in Australia, too.

The only thing this tabloid can point to as proof is the fact that Damon didn’t wear his ring on a few outings to Ben Affleck’s home a few months ago. As we pointed out then, a ring is not a relationship barometer, and it’s silly to treat it as such.

There’s also the fact that we immediately debunked the “rumors” about the strained marriage when Damon was first seen without a ring. OK! itself argued that busy schedules and too much time with Ben Affleck were what was frustrating Barroso, and as we found out, there was nothing driving Damon and his wife apart. The marriage doesn’t need saving, and there aren’t any non-tabloid rumors about the relationship falling apart.

Where Have We Heard This Before?

Funnily enough, Star, a sister publication of OK!, came up with something similar. The tabloid declared that Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso’s relationship was “hanging by a thread” a few weeks ago, and it also pointed to his ringless appearance as evidence of discord. However, Star insisted that it was his drinking that was straining the marriage, which isn’t even mentioned in OK!‘s version. It certainly seems like the tabloids are just guessing at what issues might affect the relationship, but none of them have any real insight.

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