Earlier this year, NECA released an 8″ tall, clothed action figure based on Quint from Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (watch it HERE), featuring the licensed likeness of actor Robert Shaw. You can buy the Quint figure at THIS LINK – and now pre-orders are being accepted at Amazon for an 8″ tall, clothed action figure based on Quint’s fellow shark hunter Matt Hooper, featuring the licensed likeness of Richard Dreyfuss! A few images of the Hooper figure can be seen below.

Jaws – 8″ Scale Clothed Figure – Matt Hooper (Amity Arrival)

Jaws is considered one of the greatest achievements in film, paving the way for what would become the summer blockbuster.

NECA is excited to announce a new 8″ clothed figure featuring the licensed likeness of Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Hooper from the 1975 classic. Standing at 8″ tall, the young oceanographer is equipped with screen-accurate accessories (two hats, duffel bag, cup, and crushed cup) as well as swappable heads and hands, and tailored clothing.

Window box packaging.

In the movie Hooper was an oceanographer who comes to Amity Island to investigate reports of a Great White Shark attacking the locals. There he teams up with police Chief Martin Brody, and eventually fisherman Quint, as they look for a way to rid Amity Island of the shark that threatens the entire town.

NECA was also planning to release a Martin Brody figure featuring the likeness of Roy Scheider, so Jaws fans could have gotten the Quint, Brody, and Hooper figures together for a shark hunt just like in the movie. Sadly, the Brody figure had to be scrapped due to rights issues, so only Quint and Hooper will be available for the expedition. The Quint and Hooper figures both look incredible, though, so it’s difficult to consider passing up on them simply because they can’t be joined by Brody.

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