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Deadline has reported that Matthew Rhys is set to return to FX, the home of his very successful spy thriller series The Americans, in a new drama based on the Dark Horse comic Wyrd.

Matthew Rhys will serve as executive producer on Wyrd as well as starring in the series, which has been written by Sheldon Turner (Up In the Air). The original comic was described by Dark Horse as “James Bond meets The X-Files” and the series aims to tell “the story of the ultimate immigrant, an extraterrestrial in exile. It centers on Wyrd (Rhys) who was sent to earth in an attempt to better understand humanity. When his people don’t come back for him, he’s forced to assimilate – all while investigating paranormal activity and searching for a way home.” Sounds like fun to me.

Matthew Rhys was recently seen in HBO’s Perry Mason series, which found Mason living pay-cheque to pay-cheque as a low-rent private investigator, all while being haunted by his wartime experiences in France and suffering the effects of a broken marriage. The series was a big success for HBO, and the network renewed the series for a second season earlier this year. You can check out a review of Perry Mason from our own Alex Maidy right here.

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