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In true Hollywood fashion, Meg Ryan, 59, and Russell Crowe, 56, had a brief fling on the set of Proof of Life all the way back in 1999. Last year, a tabloid claimed that the Sleepless in Seattle star and the Gladiator actor were rekindling their romance. Gossip Cop is revisiting the story and seeing where the ex-lovers stand today.

Russell Crowe Reunited With Meg Ryan?

Last May, after things ended between Meg Ryan and musician John Mellencamp, the Globe reported the actress was running back to Russell Crowe after more than 20 years apart. The magazine alleged that the two found their way back to each other, and their hookups were just what Ryan needed after her breakup with Mellencamp.  A so-called insider told the outlet, “Thankfully, Russell was there to scoop her back into his arms, and they’re falling for each other all over again.”

While the outlet asserted that it was a “well-known” secret in Hollywood that Crowe and Ryan were “head-over-heels” for one another, Gossip Cop found the magazine and its source to be totally wrong and busted the story immediately. Not only did a rep for Ryan confirm that the two never got back together, but we dispelled a similar rumor a few weeks before this one broke. 

A year later, the two are still not together and are very much living separate lives –on separate continents. Ryan has been living in Los Angeles while Crowe has been riding out the pandemic with his girlfriend, Britney Theriot,in Australia. The New Zealand-born actor was first linked to the 30-year-old American back in October 2020. 

Rumors About Crowe’s Dating Life Are Common…

The Globe is not the first publication to speculate about Crowe’s love life. Gossip Cop busted multiple stories last year alone from numerous rags that claimed the actor was attached to some female celebrity. OK! reported that Crowe had gotten together with Celine Dion in 2016 after the death of her husband. Woman’s Day Australia alleged that he was getting “cozy” to Sienna Miller on the set of their Roger Ailes miniseries The Loudest Voice. Multiple outlets have run stories that said Terri Irwin and Crowe were an item. All those claims turned out to be completely made up.

…So Are Rumors about Meg Ryan

Since her breakup with Mellencamp, Gossip Cop debunked multiple stories regarding Ryan and her former fiance. The “Jack & Diane” singer moved on with skincare expert Jamie Sherrill, although the two broke up earlier this year. Despite all the evidence that Ryan and Crowe have let go of their past loves, the tabloids won’t leave them alone.

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