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It’s no secret brothers Prince Harry and Prince William are not on the best terms after the former sat down with his wife, Meghan Markle, and Oprah Winfrey for a tell-all interview in March. One tabloid claims a month later that Kate Middleton brokered a truce between the siblings. Gossip Cop investigates. 

Kate Middleton, Peacemaker?

According to New Idea, Kate Middleton can add “mediator” to her formal list of royal duties. The outlet claimed back in April that despite being called out by her sister-in-law on international television, the future Queen-Consort pushed the two brothers to reconcile when Harry was in London for Prince Philip’s funeral. Apparently, the year-long silent treatment was too much for her.

“Kate doesn’t say much but she has a quiet calm way about her that makes people listen and she turned that skill on both Harry and William while the family gathered at Windsor to farewell Prince Philip,” said an unnamed royal expert. The outlet also reported the mom of three helped Prince William and Prince Harry on their respective statements for their grandfather. 

The publication made sure to point out that Middleton was horrified when her in-laws “badmouthed everyone to Oprah” but put her personal feelings aside to “do her job to support her husband and play peacemaker in times of family strife.” Apparently, because of her efforts, the brothers allegedly reached a tentative truce. But don’t expect it too last long. The outlet points out there is still a lot of “bad blood” between the siblings. “I imagine William is finding it hard to believe things will be any different as soon as Harry gets back to Meghan’s anti-royal influence in California,” the source concludes.

Did Middleton Help The Brothers Reconcile?

Like most stories about the royal family, there is not a lot of actual proof that Middleton ran referee for Prince Harry and Prince William. This “expert” is unnamed and very vague on the exact details that brought the two together. Instead of getting the facts, the outlet padded the article with the nature of the princes’ statements, which didn’t have much to do with the claim since the tabloid made sure to say Middleton helped out each brother separately. Gossip Cop is calling this story false by way of “why would New Idea know about this before more reputable sources?” Since the infamous Oprah interview, New Idea has consistently gotten its coverage about tensions in the royal family wrong.

Like other tabloids, the outlet held on to the idea that Markle said something awful in the interview when, in reality, she said the British press misreported a story where Markle made Middleton cry over flower girl dresses when the opposite was true. The publication then perpetuated the narrative that Middleton was once again the victim with the story “Kate Collapses! ‘Please Make Meghan Stop.’” Gossip Cop debunked the claim.

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