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Meghan Markle
and Prince Harry make headlines in the tabloids all too often for various stories. One year ago, a magazine claimed Markle and Prince Harry planned to use their Netflix deal to make a movie about Princess Diana. The project reportedly caused strife between numerous royal family members, but how much of it was true? Gossip Cop is looking back on the narrative to find out. 

Meghan Markle Makes A $75 Million Threat? 

A year ago, Woman’s Day published a story that claimed Meghan Markle had made a $75 million threat to the royal family. After Markle and Prince Harry signed a massive Netflix deal, members of the royal family became suspicious of their intentions. The tabloid alleged that royal family members were in fear of “a Meghan-made documentary about the life and times of Princess Diana.” Among the royal family members that wanted to stop the deal was Prince William, who was especially “furious” about the idea. 

To stop Markle from following through, the royal family apparently planned to offer the renegade royal a payout. According to an insider, the buyout was “more lucrative than the Netflix deal.” Apparently, Markle would be offered “at least $75 million more than the Netflix paycheck” if she’d actually back down. Prince Harry wasn’t in the clear, either. The magazine claimed he “didn’t inform the Queen about their new deal” with Netflix at all. The outlet also suspected that Prince Harry wanted to use his streaming deal to expose secrets about the royal family as revenge. 

What Happened To Meghan Markle’s Threat? 

We still don’t find any part of this story accurate. Instead, it was just another opportunity for Woman’s Day to throw Meghan Markle’s name under the bus. When the story was published, Prince Harry and Prince William had just revealed information about their planned memorial for Princess Diana, so it hardly seems like they were in disagreement on how to honor their mother’s legacy. The brothers looked quite happy together when they presented the memorial earlier this year.

While it is true that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry inked a deal with Netflix, there was no announcement as to what the subject matter would be. The claim that Prince Harry and his wife were making a Princess Diana documentary seems unlikely. Prince Harry and Prince William already worked on Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy. Why would Harry suddenly make another one? No Diana-related projects have emerged since this original rumor emerged.

Scandal In The Royal Family 

One part of this narrative is still relevant today, but it has nothing to do with Meghan Markle. There’s been quite a bit of talk lately about what exactly the royal family is doing with their funds. First, Prince Charles’ aid, Michael Fawcett, stands accused of abusing his position to help people obtain royal honors. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Andrew are also in hot water, with the former accused of hiding her actual wealth from the public while the latter is still wrapped up in his pedophilia scandal. Instead of focusing on real scandals occurring in the royal family, the tabloids seem content making up stories about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

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