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Has Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s “arrogance and entitlement” already begun making them enemies in Hollywood? An online tabloid claims the royal renegades’ “power-hungry moves” have upset the natural order of things in Tinseltown and infuriated U.K. based musicians with their multimillion dollar deal with Spotify. We looked into the issue and can clarify several claims.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Getting ‘Too Big For Their Britches’?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have only lived in California for a little over a year, but the two are already “ruffling feathers” in the entertainment industry according to a report from OK! Magazine. A source told the online outlet, “There’s a growing feeling that they’re getting way too big for their britches.” Just who is that “growing feeling” coming from? The source never divulges. 

Instead, it skips right along, insisting that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have “higher ambitions” beyond their lucrative deals with both Netflix and Spotify, adding that the “upstarts” are eager to continue to raise their profile by hooking up with other power players in the industry. Why the two would need to raise their profile further when they’re already household names is also never explained. Harry in particular has been a player on the world stage since his birth, which makes these claims even more puzzling. 

Musicians Furious Over Multimillion Spotify Deal?

Regardless, the article then notes that the couple signed an estimated $25 million deal with Spotify, which has some U.K. based musicians furious. One U.K. based musician, Harrison Rhys, spoke with the Daily Star last fall about the deal, explaining, “I believe what Spotify have done is unethical, we are only being paid £0.0038 [about half a cent] per stream but they are able to pay out what is probably a multimillion-dollar fee to Harry and Meghan.” Rhys has a point, which other artists, including Taylor Swift, Adele, Prince, and Coldplay have also blasted the streaming service for its low artist payout. 

Sussexes Need To ‘Know Their Place?’

Despite this critique largely being lobbed in Spotify’s direction, the source continues to go after the Sussexes. According to the anonymous snitch, the problem with Markle and Harry is that “their whole approach reeks of arrogance and entitlement.” Though fresh faces on the scene are typically expected to “know their place in the pecking order,” the outlet continues, Harry and Markle apparently “don’t feel they have to bow down to anyone.” The source concludes, “They think they can just waltz into town and throw their weight around, but that’s not how things are done!” 

If Harry and Markle were two random people off the street, then this last statement, while rude and somewhat archaic, would be true. The thing is, though, that they’re not two random people off the street. As we mentioned earlier, Prince Harry has been famous since the moment he was born thanks to his position and rank within the British royal family. Markle began her career as an actress and landed a role on a fairly popular TV drama before leaving it behind to marry Harry. 

It’s frankly bizarre for this article to insist that either one hasn’t paid their dues or insinuate that they don’t deserve the massive, multimillion dollar deals they’ve inked for themselves. Obviously neither Spotify or Netflix, two of the biggest players in the entertainment industry today, would have offered those deals if they didn’t believe that there would be a return on their investments

Love them or hate them, both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry draw attention everywhere they go and these entertainment giants are banking on that. Neither Harry nor Markle can control what these companies pay out to other artists, nor is it their job to. So whose feathers are being ruffled by the royal duo’s recent moves? With the source strangely mum on the subject, we can only guess that it’s the writer of this article.

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