Lil Nas x, Michael J. Fox, Back to the Future, Holiday

Lil Nas X has unveiled a teaser trailer for his upcoming Christmas song “Holiday” – which features a cameo from pop culture legend Michael J. Fox.

In the teaser, a time-traveling Lil Nas X arrives in the Old West and is immediately met by a drunken Santa Claus who’s been ejected from the local saloon. With the fate of Christmas hanging in the balance, and Santa unable to perform his yearly duties, the rapper assumes the mantle of Santa Claus. With his transformation into a thirst trap Santa Claus complete, Lil Nax X readies himself for a holiday adventure of epic proportions, but not before Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly cautions him not to visit the year 2020.

As exciting as it is for Lil Nas X to be dropping a new holiday jam this season, Fox’s guest spot as his Back to the Future character is perhaps the big take-away for this fun and spirited promo. After all, fans of Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future trilogy have been clamoring for a sequel to the film series for generations. While there are no plans to bring Marty and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) back to the silver screen for more time-manipulation madness, it sure feels good to see Fox reprising the character, brief as the spot may be.

Lil Nas X’s seasonal banger “Holiday” will debut on November 13. Be sure to look for it online or through your preferred music streaming service.

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