Michael Strahan wears a green jacket over a dark t shirt on the red carpet

Michael Strahan has had an amazing career trajectory. Formerly an incredibly successful former defensive end for the New York Giants, which he managed to parlay into a career as a TV host. Some would argue he’s been space-bound from the start. But when we say space-bound in this particular case, we also mean literally. The former athlete turned TV personality is planning to launch into actual outer space on Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin rocket ship.

An Invitation To Space

The Blue Origin is set to launch into the stratosphere on the ninth of December with 6 guests. One of those will be Strahan, who has been specifically invited on the flight. Laura Shepard Churchley, the oldest daughter of Alan Shepard, who was the first American to fly to space, will join him as well.

The crew will consist of four remaining guests who have paid for the flight, which, as specially invited guests, Strahan and Shepard don’t have to worry about. The ticket prices haven’t been revealed, but safe to say it lies somewhere in the 7 digits.

Ground Control To Major Strahan

According to the New York Post, “The four other customers include venture capitalist Lane Bess and his son, Cameron, as well as deep-pocketed investor Evan Dick. Angel investor and CEO of Voyager Space, Dylan Taylor, is also paying for a seat on the flight. Lane and Cameron Bess will actually be the first parent-child pair to fly into space [together].”

Blue Origin has flown three trips to space before this, but this will be the first time the ship operates at maximum capacity. You may remember William Shatner took a flight on the Blue Origin just last month, and Bezos’ himself has traveled in it more than once.

10 Minutes In Heaven

Some people seem to think these are full-on space trips, but in reality, they are ten-minute flights that fly 66 miles straight up, allowing guests to touch the underbelly of the heavens, before descending back to terra firma. Not so much a full space flight as it is a moment of anti-gravity shenanigans, but it is still remarkable to see this happening in our lifetime.

It almost seems like a direct offspring of people being trapped inside because of the Covid pandemic for the last two years. Now that we can all leave the house, some people are seeing how far they can go by leaving the planet. Michael Strahan will be one of the first, but we can only assume that in a couple of years’ time, more and more celebrities will be able to scratch outer space off their bucket lists.

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