New body camera footage reveals Minneapolis police officers talked about “hunting” down protesters and celebrated shooting them with rubber bullets five days after the murder of George Floyd.

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According to CBS Minneapolis, the footage was released by the attorney of Jaleel Stallings, a man who cops shot with rubber bullets. He returned fire with a gun that he was authorized to carry. Once officers started racing toward Stallings, he went to the ground, and the members of MPD beat him for about 30 seconds. In September, he was acquitted of several criminal charges, including second-degree attempted murder.

In one of the clips, several officers were riding together in a van on May 30, 2020 — just five days after Floyd was killed. The cops were caught expressing their hatred for those who were protesting and how excited they were to shoot at them. “We’re gonna split up, drive down Lake Street,” said one officer. “You see a fuckin’ group, call it out. Ok, great. Fuck ’em up, gas ’em, fuck ‘em up.”

A sergeant who was commanding the unit said, “Let ’em have it, boys, let ’em have it … Right there, get ’em, get ’em, get ’em, hit ’em, hit ’em!”

At one point, an officer who fired less-lethal rounds on a distant crowd of protesters said. “Gotcha!” as he hit someone. The group of officers then began to laugh, and the cop who fired was congratulated with a fist bump and “Good hit, buddy.”

“You guys are out hunting people now and it’s just a nice change of tempo,” one officer said. “Fuck these people.”

Elsewhere, an officer impersonated the “Looney Tunes” character Elmer Fudd. “Be vewy, vewy quiet [laughs]. We’re hunting activists!” he said. The sergeant then said not to turn on lights or sirens. “It’s like a slow jog in the park finding people,” he stated.

Check out the body camera footage below.

This is disgusting.

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