Miranda Kerr wears a strapless black dress against a pink backdrop

Miranda Kerr looks sexier than ever in her latest Instagram photo! The model and mom-of-three posted a picture of herself taking a dip in the pool, but she clearly forgot to bring her swimsuit along for the ride. Instead, Kerr wears a white dress that’s totally transparent in the water and clings to every single one of her delectable curves. 

It’s A Fact: Miranda Kerr Is Even Better Looking Soaking Wet

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr looks better than ever in her most recent Instagram post. Kerr’s post was to promote her latest Kora Organics product, the Minty Mineral Hydration Mist which is available for pre-order, but naturally, the model takes all the attention. She stands in a pool of clear, blue water submerged up to her waist. 

All she has on is a thin, white dress which might as well be non-existent thanks to how transparent the water makes it. The shape of her bottom and long, shapely legs is clearly visible beneath the waterline. With the way the dress clings to her under the water, she might as well be completely naked. Her coffee-colored hair is even darker in the photo and slicked back to hang halfway down her back. 

Kerr Keeps It PG For Instagram, Barely

One of Kerr’s arms is crossed protectively over her chest, which is smart considering how much of her backside is shown off by the barely-there dress. There’s a good chance that if Kerr didn’t cover up her front half, the photo wouldn’t have made it past Instagram’s nudity filter. 

The only thing that could have possibly improved this sultry snap is if Kerr had been looking over her shoulder directly into the camera with her famously beautifully blue eyes. They are so close in color to the blue of the water, it’d make the photo extra striking. Or if she’d flashed her smile, showing off her adorable dimples. Then again, this picture is so lovely, it’s already practically perfect. Can perfection be improved upon? If anyone could manage it, Miranda Kerr could. 

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