If you haven’t started watching Ted Lasso yet, you’re missing out. Indeed, people seem to finally be catching on to this streaming gem in the wake of its massive haul of Emmy nominations, with Deadline reporting that the Jason Sudeikis-starrer has shot to the top of Apple TV+ viewership ranks. While they note that the streamer doesn’t disclose viewership data, other services do and, as stated by Deadline, “according to sources, the first season of Ted Lasso — which had remained a top performer on the streamer since its Aug. 14, 2020 premiere — returned to No.1 in current viewership on Apple TV+ following the July 13 Emmy nominations.”

This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Having binged on the first season over the pandemic, I can tell you – Ted Lasso is a winner. The story of a genial mid-west coach who relocates to England to coach a Premier League association football team, AFC Richmond, the show started as a take on Major League. What would happen if an unqualified guy coached a mediocre team? That’s what the owner, Hannah Waddingham’s Rebecca Welton wanted to find out, with her plot to destroy the team to get revenge on her ex-husband. 

Of course, this goes much differently in the first season, with her slowly being won over by his essential goodness, like the rest of AFC Richmond. One reason the show is likely looming so large at Apple TV+ is the rewatchability factor. It’s easy to underestimate how comforting a good sitcom can be to people, and I imagine that if they’re able to sustain this show for a few seasons, Ted Lasso might become one of the most valuable shows in Apple’s library. 

Ted Lasso, season 2 is premieres tomorrow. Read our review!

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