Justice League, Ezra Miller, Fantastic Beasts 3

Ezra Miller pulled double duty on the set of FANTASTIC BEASTS 3 set but it was likely a smooth day at work because the other project just happened to be a Warner Bros. production. It has been reported that the actor used the FANTASTIC BEASTS 3 set in the U.K. to film a new Flash scene for Zack Snyder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE

Due to the public health crisis still going on in the U.K., Snyder and his crew were not able to fly out to England and meet up with Miller. This made Snyder and his team hatch another plan as he explains below:

“I had to get a pick-up shot of Ezra when we were doing this little bit. You know, he’s on Fantastic Beasts, and that’s in London, and we weren’t going to travel to London, unfortunately. I would have loved to have done that… So what we did was we picked him up on a Zoom, and the Fantastic Beasts crew, I sent them these drawings. I was like, ‘Ok, this is what he has to do, this is where he is.'”

The fact that both projects are Warner Bros. productions likely made it very easy to coordinate with crews on opposite sides of the globe. The FANTASTIC BEASTS 3 set is closed in order to keep up with new safety protocols so Miller would not able to leave to shoot new scenes for JUSTICE LEAGUE without having to quarantine for two weeks. 

Snyder went to explain the logistics of getting the scene done which included connecting remotely from three monitors that were set up for him on the U.K. set. The director could see everything that was happening via the monitors which allowed him to give Miller and the FANTASTIC BEASTS 3 crew direction while they shot the scene for him. The segment being shot was a relatively short one so the whole process wasn’t a hassle for all involved.

Do YOU think shooting scenes like this will become the new normal for the film industry?

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