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Warner Bros. has submitted WONDER WOMAN 1984 for Oscar gold and not just in technical categories where it could have a chance for consideration. Despite mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, the studio has submitted the film in all categories, including Best Picture.

No category has been left unturned. Wonder Woman 1984 will be considered for Best Picture, Best Director (Patty Jenkins), Best Actress (Gal Gadot), and Best Adapted Screenplay. This Oscar push is pretty surprising because the film isn’t exactly a critical darling, especially compared to its 2017 predecessor. Wonder Woman 1984 sits with a barely fresh rating of 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, carries the lowest user rating on IMDB with a 5.5/10, and has generated zero buzz heading into awards season. 

Apart from submitting Gadot for Best Actress, Warner Bros. has also submitted Kristen Wiig, Robin Wright, and Connie Nielsen for Best Supporting Actress; and Chris Pine and Pedro Pascal for Best Supporting Actor. The For Your Consideration campaign also includes Best Cinematography (Matthew Jensen, ASC); Best Film Editing (Richard Pearson, ACE); Best Costume Design (Lindy Hemming); and Best Score (Hans Zimmer). Its best shot, in any of these categories, is maybe Best Score, which was one of the highlights of the film, but I honestly can’t see the movie being a player for any other major awards consideration. 

Wonder Woman 1984 has gone through a lot leading up to its release on Christmas day last year. The film had to deal with several delays due to the global pandemic which led to Warner Bros. ultimately deciding to release the film on HBO Max and in theaters simultaneously. Ahead of its release, Wonder Woman 1984 entered Rotten Tomatoes with an impressive 89% fresh rating but as its opening day got closer, the score steadily dropped. The film settled around 65% fresh during its opening weekend but that has since dropped to 60%. The box office news was promising at first, with Wonder Woman 1984 opening to a pandemic-best $16.7 million but the film has seen sizable declines in the weeks after its opening. Over this last weekend, the film pulled in $3 million to bring its domestic total to $32.6 million. Its worldwide total stands at $132.1 million which isn’t horrible considering we’re in the middle of a pandemic but it’s going to fall way short of its $200 million budget. There is also a lack of transparency about how well or not well the film is doing on HBO Max. It has about two weeks left on the platform but WarnerMedia has not really bragged about its numbers. They did reveal that they saw some significant subscriber increases in the first weekend of the film’s release, but many insiders believe if there were something great to shout out to the world about the film’s success on HBO Max, we would’ve heard about it already. This For Your Consideration in all the major Oscar categories is just the latest crazy move in a very whacky journey for the DCEU sequel.

Do YOU think Wonder Woman 1984 has any shot for Oscar nominations?

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