Hosted by Carlos Rivera, Ana Brenda Contreras and Yalitza Aparicio, the 2020 Latin Grammys will air Nov. 19 at 8 p.m. ET via Univision.

Here are our predictions:

Record of the Year
“China” — Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G feat. Ozuna & J Balvin
“Cuando Estés Aquí” — Pablo Alborán
“Vete” — Bad Bunny
“Solari Yacumenza” — Bajofondo feat. Cuareim 1080
“Rojo” — J Balvin
“Tutu” — Camilo feat. Pedro Capó
“Lo Que En Ti Veo” — Kany García & Nahuel Pennisi
“Tusa” — Karol G & Nicki Minaj
“René” — Residente
“Contigo” — Alejandro Sanz

Leila Cobo: To me, it should be “China” because I think what Anuel AA did there with the sample and with bringing all these humongous artists in a single song, that was really impressive. So to bring all of those artists together, he brought the most important people of reggaeton. The only one missing is Bad Bunny. To bring them all together in a song that’s a remake, I just thought it was very masterful. Do I think he’s going to win? I think not and, in that case, then the award can go to “TuTu” because it’s Camilo and Pedro Capó and they have big clout behind them. And it’s a nice recording too. I think it’s great, but “China” was a monumental task. It’s really hard this year.

Jessica Roiz: “Tusa” was a big hit. But I feel the Academy will go a little deeper and give it to Residente for “René.” That’s a nice song. But I’d want Bad Bunny to win. Out of all these songs, “Vete” is my personal favorite.

Griselda Flores: It’s hard to choose. I think all these songs had a major impact and were considered hits in their own right. But Residente‘s “René” is a masterpiece. Every time I hear the song, I experience a different emotion, and for a song to have that ability is priceless. No collaborations and no major production, but it’s a beautiful and poignant recording that deserves to win.

Album of the Year
YHLQMDLG — Bad Bunny
Oasis — J Balvin & Bad Bunny
Colores — J Balvin
Por Primera Vez — Camilo
Mesa para Dos — Kany García
Aire (Versión Día) — Jesse & Joy
Un Canto Por México, Vol. 1 — Natalia Lafourcade
Pausa — Ricky Martin
La Conquista del Espacio — Fito Páez
Cumbiana — Carlos Vives

LC: I think we’re all going to agree here. I don’t see how Bad Bunny’s YHLQMDLG cannot win. I think this artist, whether you love him or you hate him, you cannot be indifferent to him, and he has transformed the business and the way people look at Latin music. And he continues to do so until today, this second. Everything he does, people are so anxiously waiting to consume it. I think it’s very clear that it has to be him. I think he will win it.

GF: I agree 100 percent. He deserves to win and he will win. Although there are so many great albums in here including some of my favorite Mesa Para Dos and Por Primera Vez. But 2020 is Bad Bunny’s year from the very beginning to now, and YHLQMDLG is a true testament to his creative vision. He revolutionized the genre with this album.

JR: Same here. Carlos Vives and J Balvin had beautiful concept albums but at the same time, like Griselda says, Bad Bunny is doing things no one has ever done. Even if reggaeton is at its peak right now, Bad Bunny is changing the way we listen to reggaeton. He deserves album of the year.

Song of the Year
“ADMV” — Vicente Barco, Edgar Barrera, Maluma & Stiven Rojas, songwriters (Maluma)
“Bonita” — Juanes, Mauricio Rengifo, Andrés Torres & Sebastián Yatra, songwriters (Juanes & Sebastián Yatra)
“Codo Con Codo” — Jorge Drexler, songwriter (Jorge Drexler)
“El Mismo Aire” — Edgar Barrera, Camilo, Jon Leone, Richi López & Juan Morelli, songwriters (Camilo)
“For Sale” — Alejandro Sanz & Carlos Vives, songwriters (Alejandro Sanz & Carlos Vives)
“#ELMUNDOFUERA (Improvisación)” — Alejandro Sanz, songwriter (Alejandro Sanz)
“Lo Que En Ti Veo” — Kany García, songwriter (Kany García & Nahuel Pennisi)
“René” — Residente, songwriter (Residente)
“Tiburones” — Oscar Hernández & Pablo Preciado, songwriters (Ricky Martin)
“Tusa” — Kevyn Mauricio Cruz Moreno, Karol G, Nicki Minaj & Daniel Oviedo Echavarría, songwriters (Karol G & Nicki Minaj)
“Tutu” — Camilo, Jon Leone & Richi López, songwriters (Camilo feat. Pedro Capó)

GF: This one is tough. A very eclectic category with many beautiful songs. Although I think Residente will win for “René,” I’d love to see Jorge Drexler take this one for “Codo con Codo.” It’s such a beautiful song in a weird way because it does talk about not being able to hug your loved ones because of the pandemic. To me it just really is a reflection of what we’ve all been feeling. “From far away, be close.”

JR: My favorite one is “El Mismo Aire” by Camilo and Pablo Alborán. Who knew these two could sound so great together? And same goes for Kany García and Nahuel Pennisi’s “Lo Que En Ti Veo”; it’s great. But “René” is a clear favorite, so I think Residente can end up taking it.

LC: I don’t see a real hit here; I see a few great songs. I love “René,” but I would rather have a song that has a strong melody. If we’re going to do song of the year, that’s where I would lean. And out of these songs, in particular, I think that Alejandro Sanz is going to win either with “#ElMundoFuera” or “For Sale” with Carlos Vives, but the one I really like is my guilty pleasure, “Tusa.” But I think Alejandro will win with Vives or without him. I think at the absence of a real hit, voters will go in that direction.

Best New Artist
Anuel AA
Rauw Alejandro
Mike Bahía
Conociendo Rusia
Soy Emilia
Nicki Nicole
Nathy Peluso

JR: I have a couple of favorites, but I feel Rauw Alejandro should get it. But I don’t know if it’s too soon for Nicki Nicole. If anything, then maybe Cazzu should get it. But at the same time, in this category, the Latin Recording Academy just really surprises you with the winner. So for all we know, it can be Nathy Peluso who wins. Of all these “lesser-known” artists, I’ve been listening to her stuff and she’s really talented. And she’s done it alone without collaborations.

GF: I love what Rauw Alejandro is doing and I’d love to see him win, but Nicki Nicole is taking this one. She’s proven to be this genre-bending, versatile, gutsy artist who started from the bottom and is willing to learn and grow. Which is the most important thing in music and in general. Her music is edgy, her rapping skills are very impressive, her songs are catchy. I think she’s slowly crossing over to the U.S., and of course this pandemic slowed that down but I’m keeping an eye out for her. To me, she stands out the most in this category.

LC: I think it’s exciting that there are three female artists from Argentina (Cazzu, Nathy Peluso and Nicki Nicole) in this category that are so strong. It’s remarkable. I honestly don’t know who will win, but I do think that it’ll be one of the three. Just to be very pragmatic, I think it’s going to be whoever mounts the best voting campaign to be quite honest. Because they appeal to different camps. Cazzu is more urban and Nicki is a bit more urban-pop and Nathy defies descriptions, she’s a little more alternative. But I think it’s going to boil down to those three. It’s a good category.

Best Urban Music Album
Emmanuel – Anuel AA
YHLQMDLG – Bad Bunny
Oasis – J Balvin & Bad Bunny
Colores – J Balvin
FERXXO (VOL 1: M.O.R.) – Feid
Nibiru – Ozuna
1 OF 1 – Sech
Easy Money Baby – Myke Towers

GF: I want J Balvin to get this award for Colores, but I know Bad Bunny will most likely win this one aside from album of the year. Balvin’s album is really well-done visually and musically. I know this album means a lot to him as well and he is the most nominated artist this year. I think this can be the big award he wins that night.

JR: I think Bad Bunny will also win this one for YHLQMDLG. But out of all these albums, Oasis is my favorite.

LC: I agree with Jessica. I would be surprised if Bad Bunny doesn’t win this category. But like Griselda says, Colores is a huge accomplishment for Balvin. I also really like Oasis. I enjoyed that album so much. I thought they were so clever and every song was so thought-out. And I really love Emmanuel. It’s a really good album and it has some tracks that are so surprising and it shows another layer of Anuel that goes beyond the very aggressive trap of the first one. He can be a very nuanced artist. But this is a tough category, but what is great is that it really shows a group of artists who are all contemporaries and have elevated this genre. It’s such a strong category.

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