From the looks of pics posted by a fan site, the event was held at what looked like an a venue with an outdoor rooftop bathed in blue and purple lights, with plenty of balloons, candles, flowers and masked bartenders serving up top-shelf booze.

People really had thoughts about that mac and cheese mentioned earlier. “Drake is eating Mac and cheese with sun dried tomato, raisins, capers and parsley. I don’t ever wanna be that rich,” wrote one fan. Another opined, “@Drake, you and whoever catered your party got some explaining to do homie. WHO DEADASS PUTS RAISINS IN MAC & CHEESE?”

A spokesperson for Drake could not be reached for comment on the party at press time.

In addition to celebrating his birthday, Drizzy posted a teaser for his Certified Lover Boy album on Saturday night, giving fans a preview of his sixth full length, which is due out in January.

Check out some of the fan comments below.

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