Christian Nodal officially made his debut with his heartfelt “Adios Amor” in early 2017, which single-handedly landed him on the international radar. Since then, his music has topped the Billboard charts and nabbed coveted awards, including three Latin Grammys, making him one of Regional Mexican music’s biggest stars of today.

Although many newcomers — such as Eslabon Armado and Natanael Cano — are making waves in their own lanes and creating interesting fusions between corridos and urbano, Nodal does not stay far behind either.

In fact, the “AyAyAy!” singer, who on Monday (Jan. 11) celebrates his 22nd birthday, has given his own twist to traditional Regional Mexican music many times. In his own words: “I’m taking advantage because I’m young and because I love music in general. I want to take Regional Mexican to the next level,” he previously told Billboard.

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