The beautiful story, directed by Glen Keane, features spritely and often moving songs by Chris Curtis, Majorie Duffield and Helen Park, and a luminescent score by Oscar-winner Steven Price.

For Soo, who is Chinese-American, the story of Chang’e was familiar — up to a point. “We’ve never seen Chang’e like this before. We know what happens until she gets to the moon, but we don’t really know what happens after that,” she says. “With this version, there’s elements of science-fiction in it, elements of the myth, elements of the Chinese culture, and that all culminates into this wonderful version of how we see her now.”

Soo talked to Billboard about what Earth-bound stars inspired her performance, how Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda helped prepare her, and the significance of a movie featuring an all-Asian cast.

Our first sighting of Chang’e is when she performs this delicious pop song “Ultraluminary” before her moon minions. Who did you look toward for inspiration?

The song was really the first thing that I heard in terms of what to expect from this character. The feeling that you get when you see Chang’e for the first time is amazing. I would call it like the best concert of all time. Her introduction is so fantastic. I definitely drew inspiration from all of the great female diva queens out there: Beyonce, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga — all of these incredible artists who have found their own voice and their own personality in terms of their work and their performance.

You also have fun with “Hey Boy.” It’s all swagger and a fun mix of singing and spoken word.

That song is drawing the lines of the competition. It’s the first time that we really see she’s not to be messed with, but, also, she has a lot to lose. She’s been waiting for a really long time to be reunited with her husband, Houyi. She’s covering up some inner-vulnerability that she might have. She’s compensating for that, especially in a song like that.

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