The Elf on the Shelf, Netflix

The Elf on the Shelf is a scout for Santa who hides in people’s homes during the holiday season in order to keep watch over events and report back to Santa. After flying back to the North Pole, the Elf returns to the home and hides in a new place, just waiting to be found. “The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition” by Carol Aebersold, Chanda Bell, and iillustrator Coë Steinwart was first published in 2005, but has since grown to become a huge tradition for many families. According to Deadline, Netflix has acquired the rights to develop original stories based on The Elf on the Shelf and will be developing live-action and animated content aimed at pre-school and family audiences.

Chandra Bell confirmed the Netflix deal, saying that their family is “thrilled to be partnering with Netflix to create immersive and engaging original stories of Santa’s North Pole while providing heartfelt family-entertainment to fans all over the world. We are also pleased that fans in North America don’t have to wait to delve into the world of The Elf on the Shelf and their friendly Elf Pets, with the streaming giant carrying our newest animated Elf Pets titles this Christmas. We relish the opportunity to collaborate with Netflix to bring joyful family moments to life. This moment is a dream come true.” The basic premise of of the content will revolve around a cast of character that includes elf pets and the Elf on the Shelf who are adopted by families. “The idea is that humankind helps the North Pole run, and defines Christmas spirit,” Bell said. “Santa needs to access that magic, and nothing happens in the magical land of the North Pole without that spirit.” As part of the deal, two existing short films, ELF PETS: SANTA’S REINDEER RESCUE and ELF PETS: A FOX CUB’S CHRISTMAS TALE, will stream on Netflix this holiday season.

The whole Elf on the Shelf thing definitely exploded while after my prime Christmas years, so I’m not as familiar with the tradition as others may be, but I’m sure there are plenty of families who will be eager to add more Elf on the Shelf-related stories to their yearly traditions.

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