Netflix has unleashed a teaser trailer for their upcoming animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. The series centers on fan-favorite characters Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, for a show that will “add suspense into dynamic action scenes” to “reveal a Resident Evil world unlike anything seen before.TMS Entertainment is the production company, with Capcom’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi serving as executive producer and Quebico overseeing the animation.

In the teaser, we find Claire entering what looks to be a ramshackle manor or medical facility. Armed with her trusty flashlight, she follows a trail of smashed injectors through a blanket of darkness. As the light creeps toward a nearby armchair, we see the legs of what I can only assume is a dead body, and a shotgun resting firmly between the victim’s limp appendages. After the title of the show is revealed, a zombie comes into view, snarling and shambling toward the camera. This is when Leon’s gun goes off, breaking an otherwise deadly silence throughout the room. It’s game time, bitches!

News of the show was accidentally unveiled ahead of the official Capcom reveal stream thanks to a video on Netflix Portugal. The tweet announcing the show was quickly pulled, but not before plenty of Resident Evil fans had gotten an eyeful of the action.

I don’t know about you but my body is more than ready for a CGI Resident Evil series. While the franchise has had its share of ups and downs throughout the years, RE has remained a beloved part of the gaming community for generations, thanks to new twists on the series arriving time and again. I’m willing to check out just about anything that has the RE name attached to it, and this upcoming series will be no exception. Let’s go!

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will be available worldwide on Netflix in 2021.

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