The new moon in Taurus takes place in the middle of the day on May 11th at 21 degrees.  Taurus is known to be solid, stable and simple in a lot of ways. This new moon is look off-kilter to me.

It’s not off-kilter if you have Virgo planets around 19-28 degrees.  If you’re in that zone you’ll be thrilled with this thing as the sun and moon, Pluto in Capricorn and your planet(s) will form a super fortified Grand Trine in Earth.

It would be easier to move a mountain.  Don’t even try.  Everyone else is going to have make an effort.

As you can see in the picture below, the sun and moon (21) are conjunct Uranus (11), sort of.
Are they?
What do you think?

Saturn at 13 degrees Aquarius will square Uranus and the new moon.  This will help to pull Uranus in which is probably not good if you like your summer picnics without lightning.

Uranus is concerned with change which Taurus loathes. But making this even more interesting, Taurus frenemy, Pluto will support the sun and moon. Uh oh. I’m not sure Taurus is comfortable taking handouts from Pluto, cloaked in Capricorn.  Unless it’s cash, of course.

I really don’t know what’s going to happen with this. I just know the picnic will be disrupted and/or disturbed.

We set intentions under new moons. Here are some ideas based on the house in your chart where the new moon falls.

new moon in Taurus 2021

  • New Moon in the 1st house –  Come up with a new look but expect it to change.
  • New Moon in the 2nd house – You want to make bank. Wealth is up, down, then hopefully, UP!
  • New Moon in the 3rd house –  Words calm but then someone comes in with a remark and then who knows?  Changing your mind.
  • New Moon in the 4th house – Get comfortable at home (in a lightning storm).
  • New Moon in the 5th house – Go on a date and have a great meal, sitting in in a comfortable chair. Order a big dessert to make up for the rigmarole you’ll probably encounter.
  • New Moon in the 6th house – They count on you at work.  Someone smolders on the periphery.
  • New Moon in the 7th house – True love with a real person. Eureka!
  • New Moon in the 8th house – Be unmoved by pathology, yours or theirs.  That’ll be innovative.
  • New Moon in the 9th house – Are they convictions? Beliefs? Preferences? Opinions?
  • New Moon  the 10th house –   Parent or boss who does not budge. They (or you) might even ignore that face tattoo you showed up with.
  • New Moon in the 11th house –  Friends or group participation which involves eating.
  • New Moon in the 12th house – Channel artistic inspiration.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart?  How will you channel this energy?



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