Last year’s edition of DC FanDome was stolen by the first look at Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which offered us our first glimpse at Robert Pattinson in action as the Caped Crusader. Sure enough, the second edition of FanDome was stolen by The Batman’s all-new trailer, giving us not only more intense Pattinson as Batman action, but also detailed looks at Zoe Kravitz’s Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, Andy Serkis’ Alfred, Colin Farrell as The Penguin, Paul Dano’s The Riddler and more. In addition to featuring Nirvana’s “Something in the Way” (as in the first trailer) it also gives us a taste of Michael Giacchino’s awesome-sounding Batman score, which, I’ll admit, has a lot to live up to as Batman is perhaps the most well-scored Superhero of all time (think about it – Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, etc.).

Check out the brand new trailer above, which really shows off Greig Fraser’s cinematography with some beautiful shots. Last year, I think everyone ended FanDome super sold on Pattinson as Batman, but now I think everyone realizes that the movie won’t just be good – it might be absolutely iconic! What a way to wrap up FanDome, right?

The Batman is set during the Caped Crusader’s second year of fighting crime. The official plot synopsis is the following, “The Riddler plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Batman and Commissioner Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) in Gotham City.” We also know that The Penguin has been reimagined somewhat as gang-leader, as played by a distinctly non-cartoonish Colin Farrell. At the same time, much of the film also seems to revolve around corruption in the highest ranks of the Gotham Police Department. The corruption runs so deep we’re even getting a spinoff series from HBO Max! Interesting factoid – in the panel before the trailer reveal Pattinson revealed that he did his screen test in the Val Kilmer batsuit from Batman Forever.

The Batman hits theatres (only!) March 4th, 2022. So, how excited is everyone following that kickass trailer? Let us know in the talkbacks below! PLUS – check out these all new posters and stills!

The Batman poster
The Batman poster 2 riddler
The Batman new trailer

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