In the special, hyper-competitive Nick explained, “Going around the curve is tough, especially when you have two people to your left and right,” as he dinged his brothers for being “bad drivers.” After a fast training lap, Nick said he was feeling “pretty good.” But the next day during their race, the singer wiped out after taking a curve and fell down hard as Joe and Kevin smashed into him and fell off their bikes as well.

“F—ed up my back,” Nick said while writhing in pain on the ground as his siblings checked in on him and he took a knee while grimacing through the pain. “Yeah, I think my rib is f—ed up too.” He was then loaded into an ambulance and whisked away.

Speaking to ET this week, Nick opened up about his Olympian wipe-out.

“Something just got caught, dirt on the bike and just tumbled,” he told ET. “But again, I feel good, surprisingly, all things considered. I was back in my Voice chair right away, kind of said, ‘Listen, I’m not going to let this slow me down.'”

For the record, Kevin and Nick tied with one gold medal each after the first two rounds, with Nick, of course, taking his gymnastics victory in stride without rubbing it in at all.

Check out the practice lap below.

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