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Once upon a time, the sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee was stolen and leaked to the public, becoming one of the first viral videos in history, and Annapurna is developing a limited-series for Hulu that will revolve around that very event. It was revealed late last year that Lily James (Rebecca) and Sebastian Stan (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) would play Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and it has now been reported that Nick Offerman (Devs) has joined Pam & Tommy as well.

Nick Offerman will play Uncle Miltie, a big and burly porn impresario who brings his larger-than-life stature into the workplace in order to keep things lively and real. Uncle Miltie is also “the money guy” who helps electrician Rand Gauthier (Seth Rogen) distribute the sex tape. A borderline sociopath, Uncle Miltie will tread the line between humorous and horrific, which sounds like it should be a very interesting character for Offerman to play. Pam & Tommy was written by Rob Siegel and will be directed by Craig Gillespie. Nick Offerman is currently starring in The Great North, an animated sitcom from Wendy and Lizzie Molyneux  (Bob’s Burgers) and Minty Lewis (Regular Show).

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