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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2020, but Gossip Cop hears stories about them all the time. Tabloids report on dissent in the family over everything from a love child to Quibi. Here are some stories we’ve investigated about Richie and Madden.

Living Separate Lives

Back in 2017, Star claimed that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were slowly unraveling. The two were living “separate lives.” A source said that Richie had stopped asking Madden to attend her gatherings because he’d always complain about having “nothing in common with her fashion friends.” While the tabloid tried to claim that Madden was unsupportive of his wife, Gossip Cop pointed out that the Good Charlotte frontman regularly promotes her projects on social media. Nearly four years later, and Richie and Madden are still married.

Nicole Richie’s Germaphobia Destroys Marriage

According to the National Enquirer, Madden was “fed up” with his wife’s germaphobia. An insider said, “Joel can’t even touch Nicole without her demanding he washes his hands with disinfectant first.” The tabloid vaguely said the two had ups and downs, and a made-up tipster said this germaphobia was “another challenge their marriage didn’t need.” Gossip Cop spoke to a source close to the situation who denied the story outright. Madden and Richie took health precautions during a trip to Disneyland right on the precipice of lockdown, so the tabloid used that as proof of germaphobia.

Quibi Kills The Marriage

This is a fun one in hindsight. Richie signed on to star in Nikki Fre$h on Quibi. OK! Australia claimed that the comedy series would put undue stress on the marriage. A so-called source said, “When a woman steps back out after dedicating years raising her babies, her husband — especially if he’s famous in his own right — often can’t cope with being left to do the school run.” Madden would prefer she stay away from the spotlight, and this meant the romance was gone. Nicole Richie’s been a fashion mogul longer than she’s been married, so she’s been busy the entire marriage. As it turned out, Quibi would disappear in months, rendering this story obsolete.

Joel Madden’s Love Child Kills Marriage

NW claimed that Joel Madden had a secret love child. When Richie found out about it, she apparently kicked him out of the house. A source said that Richie was “a little paranoid” about Madden going on tour, as girls are “throwing themselves at him at every turn.” This paranoia was well-founded once rumors circulated that Madden had a love child.

The tabloid’s only proof was that Madden and his brother were both, according to a source, “huge, huge womanizers back in the day and the worry is that he may have been careless with some of these girls when it came to birth control.” Richie never kicked Madden out of the house, nor did this tabloid have any real proof of a love child. The story was completely false.

The couple is focused on raising their two children and looks as happy as ever.

Despite the non-stop tabloid speculation, they’re obviously doing quite well.

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