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Now that Marvel has found their She-Hulk and Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) in Tatiana Maslany and Iman Vellani, respectively, the search continues for someone to play another character destined to have their own superhero series on Disney+. I’m talking about Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight, of course, a hero who struggles with multiple personalities and conflicting notions about right and wrong. Recently while speaking with, The Haunting of Hill House and The Invisible Man actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen revealed that he’d be excited to play the character, especially after learning more about just how complicated a hero Spector truly is.

“Listen, Twitter is quite the encyclopedia and I have been very fortunate that people have educated me well on Moon Knight and Marvel and the world of it,” Jackson-Cohen told “The honest response is that I have no idea, no one has called me about this, but, again, I stand by what I said, that Moon Knight sounds like a fascinating, fascinating character, and I’d love to get my hands on that, but you just never know, do you?”

If you’re unfamiliar with Moon Knight, please allow our own Kevin Fraser to give you a bit of background:

Marc Spector was a former Marine and CIA agent before becoming a soldier-for-hire, and he amassed quite the fortune for himself over the years. However, when a job in Cairo brought him to a secret archaeological dig, Spector was left for dead by a former colleague who massacred the workers. After dragging himself through the sands towards the tomb of Konshu, the Egyptian moon god, Spector was placed beneath a statue of the god before his heartbeat its last. Konshu then appeared before him in a vision and offered Spector a second chance at life if he would become the god’s avatar on Earth and defend the innocent. One of the most intriguing aspects of Moon Knight is his multiple personalities. Beginning as simple alter egos, such as millionaire Steven Grant and cabbie Jake Lockley, these personalities soon became more difficult to handle, and over the years, Spector would take on more personalities which would occasionally assume control. Writers have even toyed with the idea that Marc Spector is simply crazy. Sure, let’s give this guy a bunch of high-tech gadgets.

As it happens, Jackson-Cohen isn’t the first actor to be floated as a potential casting for Moon Knight. Back in February, Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe had to squash rumors that he was being considered for the part.

“If I was ever to go back into a franchise, I think the bar for that script would be even higher than anything else,” Radcliffe said. “Before you can sign on to being in anything for multiple years, you have to be sure you’re really going to love it all the time. I’m not averse to doing any kind of franchise thing in the future again, that could be fun. But the Moon Knight rumors are untrue, I can officially debunk that one, I haven’t heard anything about it.”

Seeing as neither actor has been approached about becoming Marvel’s Moon Knight just yet, who do you think should strap on the enigmatic hero’s cape and get weird for their own show on Disney+? 

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