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Hola, superhero fans! To mark the oncoming arrival of WONDER WOMAN 1984 on HBO Max, the WarnerMedia-owned platform has announced that the original Wonder Woman television series, starring Lynda Carter, is now available to watch on the streamer.

This means that fans of punching injustice in its stupid face can enjoy 60 episodes of the 1970s series right now as well as The New Original Wonder Woman TV movie pilot that aired in November 1975 before Carter stole hearts as Diana on a semi-weekly basis in 1976.

Led by Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman series depicts a version of the Amazonian Warrior Princess that fans at the time of its release had only ever hoped to dream of. With her lightning-quick reflexes, reliable Lasso of Truth, and impractical Invisible Jet, Diana Prince stood proudly against evil while not being afraid to give the patriarchy what for. Wonder Woman remains a symbol of strength and virtue for people all over the world to this very day, and she’ll continue to do so for generations to come.

Knocking back a bunch of episodes of the original Wonder Woman series sounds like the perfect lead up to the Christmas Day launch of Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max. In addition to being wildly entertaining, the series will provide you with a great sense of perspective with regard to just how timeless DC’s Amazonian badass truly is.

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