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Oscar Isaac is moving from the STAR WARS Universe to the MCU! Once the man who was Poe Dameron, Isaac is now Moon Knight and will headline a new Marvel series for the streaming service Disney+.

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Moon Knight is the alter ego of Marc Spector. Spector is a former boxer and CIA operative who is resurrected by the Egyptian god Khonshu after being betrayed by his employer. Spector is given superpowers and uses the alter ego of a millionaire playboy. If that sounds similar to Batman, it is, but only if Batman had far more traumatic psychological problems. But, where Batman is a vigilante avenging the death of his parents, Moon Knight is more similar to Ghost Rider in that a supernatural entity uses him as an avatar for killing anyone he pleases.

Moon Knight has long been looked at as one of the Marvel characters most deserving of a big-screen adaptation and with how complex his backstory can be, Disney+ provides a long format platform to tell a worthy story for the badass hero.

For the moment, Marvel has made no comment as to whether this news is official or not. Keep in mind they have yet to officially announce Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk and the actress has gone as far as to claim that her part in the series is not official at this time. Still, Oscar Isaac is a great choice for the character. He also brings a big screen swagger to Disney+ which is still in need of some worthwhile content as audiences await Marvel Studios to finally debut their properties on the streaming service.

No director is attached to Moon Knight at this time but Jeremy Slater, showrunner and creator of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, is on board to write the series.

What do you think about Oscar Isaac being the one to suit up as Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight, for Marvel’s upcoming series? Let us know in the comments section below.

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