Paulina Poriszkova in red, walking on a runway.

Supermodel Paulina Porizkova has had an up and down couple of years. Her estranged husband Ric Ocasek of The Cars died in September 2019 after writing her out of his will. She rebounded and found romance with writer and producer Aaron Sorkin before announcing last week that they’ve split up. Now, Porizkova wants to jump back in the dating waters, but a dating app has other plans — she’s calling out the company on Instagram.

What’s Going On At Hinge?

In a sexy topless Instagram post (taken above the shoulders), the former SI Swimsuit cover model called out the dating app Hinge for kicking her off not once, but twice. “I signed up a while back and was booted off instantly because I had violated guidelines. I didn’t even get to post my photo,” Porizkova writes, adding, “My name, it seems, is against guidelines?” Undeterred, Porizkova followed up directly with the company, saying, “I called, I emailed. No one bothered to reply.”

A friend suggested using a nickname, as maybe, since she is a world-famous supermodel, the app’s AI thinks it could be a fake account, so she followed up, explaining, “A friend suggested I use a different phone number and my nickname.” It seems to work, at least at first as Porizkova writes, “I got a few nice dates that way.” But now, just after her breakup with Aaron Sorkin, Porizkova says, “And boom, now when I need it- I discover @hinge has booted me off again! What’s a lady to do?”

It’s Hard Out There For A Model

It’s actually pretty understandable that an app would be wary of a profile like Paulina Porizkova’s. She’s one of the most recognizable, and beautiful, women in the world, so it’s not hard to imagine that even an algorithm would be skeptical of the profile. But clearly, it’s her and clearly, she would like to find a match. Calling out the app on social media might be the only way to get the attention of the company, as it’s surely listening now.

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