I feel slightly stupid doing this but a lot of people follow my back surgery. It seems odd, but I can’t tell you how often a customer mentions it.

If you’re new here, that is my exact spine in the picture, or at least it used to be.  My surgeon fixed that thing in two surgeries, a day a part. Today was my six-month check up, post surgery. Here’s a brief update…

I have zero pain. I have absolutely no back pain, whatsoever. I have no hip pain, I have no pain in my legs and I have no numbness either. I have no problems whatsoever, stemming from my back.

My surgeon has cleared me for all activities though he did tell me I was no longer 25 years old. This was appropriate because I have Jupiter, prominent. I do act like a black lab puppy and I do think that fifty pounds is not too much for me to lift!


Garden season begins is just a few weeks. I can’t wait!

Thanks everyone, for the the support!



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