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Is Australian native Portia de Rossi is urging Ellen DeGeneres to move down under? That’s the story one tabloid is pushing this week. Gossip Cop investigates.

Portia De Rossi Believes Ellen DeGeneres Is ‘Burnt Out’?

The most recent edition of the National Enquirer asserts that Portia de Rossi believes her wife, “toxic TV talker” Ellen DeGeneres, is in serious need of some R&R. Since DeGeneres faced a year of scandals, suffered a huge ratings drop, and revealed she’d be leaving her show, de Rossi is concerned she’s at the end of her rope. In her concern, de Rossi is reportedly prescribing her wife with a change of scenery.

An inside source tells the tabloid, “Portia knows Ellen better than anyone, and she sees she’s burnt out and unhappy.” The magazine notes that many sources have feared the worst for DeGeneres and de Rossi’s marriage, alleging it could end in a $300 million divorce. “Portia believes the change of scenery would bring a breath of fresh air to their relationship, and take some of the weight off Ellen’s shoulders,” a “friend” of the couple spilled to the outlet.

But other sources insist DeGeneres isn’t throwing in the towel quite yet. An insider explained, “Ellen was very hurt by her public scandal, but she’s a workaholic — and doesn’t want to quit showbiz to move halfway around the world,” adding, “She’s told Portia she’d be happy to move to Australia — when it’s time for her to retire. But Lord knows when that will ever be.”

‘Grounded Gabber’ Ellen DeGeneres Not Sure About Australia Move?

So, is it true that DeGeneres is dragging her feet for what’s looking like an inevitable move to Australia? It doesn’t seem likely. While DeGeneres made a comment over eight years ago suggesting she could see herself and de Rossi living in Australia someday, there’s little else pushing the talk show host down under. Despite the tabloids’ many attempts to suggest DeGeneres and de Rossi are struggling, there’s simply no evidence for it. With that in mind, it’s unlikely the couple’s 13-year marriage is too strained by this alleged tiff.

Furthermore, there’s more evidence that the couple is staying in California than their supposed plans to flee the country. In announcing her exit from her extremely successful talk show, Ellen DeGeneres also insisted she’s moving on to other projects. It’s unknown what the host plans, but it will likely keep her in Hollywood. And finally, DeGeneres and de Rossi just purchased another property in Montecito. It really doesn’t look like they have their sights set on Australia, and they seem content to stay in California.

The Tabloids On DeGeneres And De Rossi

Besides, Gossip Cop has debunked this rumor before. In 2019, Star reported that DeGeneres was refusing to move to Australia with de Rossi. Then, just last month New Idea alleged the couple was moving to Australia in a desperate attempt to save their marriage. Obviously, the tabloids don’t have a clue about DeGeneres and de Rossi’s plans.

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