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Chrissy Teigen may have enjoyed the honor of being the only celebrity to earn a follow from the @POTUS account on Twitter once President Joe Biden was inaugurated, but it seems like that follow came with a price. The model apparently couldn’t take the pressure of being one of the thirteen accounts that the presidential account kept up with, and who can blame her?

Teigen’s success on social media is thanks to her quick wit and unflinching openness, but it looks like even she has her limits. The star admitted that she’d been metaphorically biting her tongue on Twitter after the follow and said she was just about ready to be free of the pressure of being clean on social media.

Fortunately for Chrissy Teigen, the @POTUS team was kind enough to free the star from its looming gaze. After sparring with former President Donald Trump when he had control of the account, we can’t imagine how nice it was to have the account follower her instead of block her. Still, it’s a lot to live up to, and we don’t envy her for bearing the burden as long as she did.

Once Teigen realized that she wasn’t followed by the president, she celebrated with a slew of swears.

Given that Gossip Cop has never been followed by a president, we have no idea how we’d mark the occasion of being free from trying to live up to a presidential standard. Regardless, it’s nice to see that Chrissy Teigen can get back to being her typical hilarious and insightful self on the platform once again.

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