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Is Prince Albert’s marriage in trouble? The son of Grace Kelly may be getting a divorce as stories of a love child continue to swirl. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Marriage Is On The Rocks!’

According to the Globe, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert are on the verge of a breakup after he was hit with another paternity scandal. A source says, “It’s an open secret their marriage is in crisis and may not last, and this latest love child case appears to be the final humiliation.” Charlene has reportedly fled to her native South Africa, leaving her husband alone on their tenth anniversary.

Prince Albert already supports two illegitimate children, but that number could increase. The outlet explains that last September, a 15 year old wrote a letter to Prince Albert pleading to be acknowledged. The revelation apparently rocked Princess Charlene. A source says, “Charlene wants to avoid an ugly public custody fight and increase her chances of a big payday if she and billionaire Albert ultimately divorce.” Albert, the outlet argues, is still trying to win her back.

What’s Really Going On

Gossip Cop is immediately skeptical of this story. How in blazes could the Globe have inside access into the royal family of Monaco? All of the information in this story is either total speculation from shady sources or publicly available. Gossip Cop knows better than to trust this tabloid.

This story does not paint an accurate picture. Princess Charlene and Prince Albert are currently living in different countries, but this was largely out of their control. Princess Charlene is recovering from an ear, nose, and throat infection that ended up requiring surgery.

Princess Charlene recently opened up to People about the separation. She said, “Albert and I had no choice but to follow the instructions of the medical team, even if it was extremely difficult. He has been the most incredible support to me.” The two knew for weeks that they would be forced to miss their anniversary, but they still talk every day.

The news of a new paternity suit cannot have been easy for the couple, and it naturally led to much speculation around her stay in South Africa. The situation is simply more complicated than this tabloid would have you believe.

Other Royal Myths

This tabloid has a nasty habit of promoting royal divorces that never come to pass. Last year, it claimed Meghan Markle had given Prince Harry a divorce ultimatum, yet they’re still together. It also claimed Kate Middleton and Prince William would get a $250 million divorce, but that never happened either.

In an even darker story, the Globe claimed Prince Charles would rather Camilla Parker Bowles die from cancer than pay up in a divorce. This tabloid knows that royal divorce stories will sell magazines regardless of how true they actually are. Princess Charlene and Prince Albert will be reunited as soon as she’s recovered, so this story is false.

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