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Is Prince Charles the reigning king of England? Twelve months ago, we confronted a cover story about the heir getting crowned in a secret ceremony. Let’s look back on that story to see what really happened.

‘Secret Royal Ceremony’

Woman’s Day proclaimed on its cover, “Charles Crowned King!” He and Queen Elizabeth “have been quietly planning for a fuss-free abdication followed by a private coronation.” Charles was apparently bummed out that he couldn’t have a more glitzy ceremony but understood that would be impossible in the age of COVID-19. Charles’s ascension meant Prince William and Kate Middleton would soon play bigger roles.

This was a pretty blatant bait-and-switch story. The cover claimed Charles was already crowned only for the article itself to say he was planning to be crowned. Elizabeth’s made it very clear that she will never abdicate, so this whole premise was unbelievable from the beginning. Throw in the fact that the royal family never has low-key coronations and Gossip Cop had more than enough information to debunk this story.

Did Queen Elizabeth Abdicate?

No, of course not. Every few months, some tabloid runs a version of this story, flipping between Charles and William as the new monarch, yet Elizabeth is still on the throne. If Elizabeth actually abdicated, then it would be an unavoidable news story not relegated to tabloid covers.

This past year has taught us the royal family has no desire for a private coronation. Something as small as a statue unveiling was given plenty of pomp and circumstance. Prince Philip’s funeral service was so heavily covered that it got a record number of complaints at the BBC. The royal family is closely associated with glitz and spectacle, so it’s extremely unlikely that Charles would ever see a private coronation.

Other Royal Myths

This outlet did not relent from its ridiculous royal coverage. It’s once reported that Charles was trying to kidnap Archie to keep him safe from the coronavirus. A few months later, he was apparently trying to win custody of his grandson. This abduction storyline was just absurd, so we easily debunked them.

This tabloid also maintains that Charles is not Prince Harry’s real father and that he’s living in hiding over his connection to Princess Diana’s death. Woman’s Day is not afraid to dabble in dangerous conspiracy theories. Charles and Harry may not be as close as they once were, but he’s not stealing children or anything like that. Charles will someday become the king, but that day did not happen one year ago.

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