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Does Prince Harry want to return to England? That’s what one tabloid was reporting this time last year. Gossip Cop has investigated the claims and can set the record straight.

Prince Harry Begging The Queen To Let Him Come Back?

One year ago, OK! reported that Prince Harry desperately wanted to return to England. According to the tabloid, he had no idea how difficult his move out of the UK would be and that he was “incredibly homesick.” His many regrets over the situation had reportedly caused him to have a change of heart, and he wanted to fix things with his family. The publication insisted that Prince Harry was in talks with Queen Elizabeth II about coming home, and his request had devolved into begging. According to the article, the desire became more urgent when his father, Prince Charles, tested positive for coronavirus.

The magazine went on, claiming that the Duke of Sussex was “in tears” over being so far away from his family. Of course, the publication insisted that the Duchess of Sussex had no desire to return to England. According to the tabloid, Meghan Markle loved their life in North America and had no desire to turn back. The report wrapped up with the following assertion: Either the couple was going to return to England for good, or they would be forced to split their time between the two countries. The publication’s insider was certain in their predictions, so what happened to the prince’s travel plans?

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Moved

That was one year ago, so did the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ever move to England? Absolutely not. In fact, the family turned south and relocated to Santa Barbara, California. The article was ludicrous to begin with, but its false nature is even clearer now. Prince Harry has further removed himself from The Firm in the year following the ridiculous report. The duke has since started a new job in California, taking further steps away from the royal duties he left behind in England. Furthermore, the couple had their now-infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey where they made numerous accusations against the royal family. It’s clear Prince Harry has no desire to return to the UK and was never begging to do so.

The tabloids love to claim that the duke and duchess are moving. Tabloids have been claiming for years that the couple had plans to move to Hollywood. Of course, these reports were in no way connected to their eventual move to California and were wrong all the same. Then, not too long ago, tabloids were reporting that the couple had planned to move to Africa following their separation from the royal family. Furthermore, recent reports have argued that the couple had plans to step away from the city and relocate to a farmhouse in rural California. None of these alleged travel plans ever came to fruition.

At the moment, the couple seems happy in their Santa Barbara home. It’s obvious Prince Harry has no plans to return to England anytime soon, despite this article’s claims to the contrary. Additionally, we can add this article to the pile of tabloid reports that end up being fake stories about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship.

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