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Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle falling out of Hollywood’s graces? One tabloid insists they’re losing popularity fast. Here’s what we know.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are ‘Hollywood Has-Beens’?

This week, the Globe reports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are being “shunned by Hollywood A-listers” after their recent comments against the royal family. An “entertainment industry bigwig” dishes, “They’ve gone from must-see novelties to must-be-avoided egomaniacs!” adding, “The excitement of rubbing elbows with royalty has long evaporated for a who’s who of stars.”

The industry insider goes on, “Harry and Meghan have been throwing their weight around like they’re the king and queen of Hollywood, using their royal status to pursue — and get — mega-deal after mega-deal. And that’s left a bad taste in the mouths of stars who’ve worked their whole lives to get to the top. The couple’s arrogance and entitlement has turned off the celebrity elite — and landed them on Hollywood’s most hated list.”

A-List Celebrities ‘Sick’ Of The Sussexes?

But the outlet insists other socialites are still upset about Markle and Harry’s “bombshell attacks” on the royals. “People are sick of them constantly painting themselves as victims,” snitches another insider, “Fed-up celebs are closing ranks and snubbing them.” The outlet reveals that certain A-list celebrities that used to be in the Sussexes’ close circle are keeping their distance before noting that the couple didn’t even make the guest list to President Obama’s 60th birthday bash despite the families being close in the past.

“Meghan was devastated,” yet another source reveals, “She desperately wanted — and expected — to be the special guest at the party. Harry had a ‘special relationship’ with the Obamas but it was fractured in recent months by Meghan publicly attacking the royal family as uncaring racists who refused her help when she was suicidal.” According to the source, the snub is “public humiliation at the highest level for Meghan — and Harry. Now everyone knows they’re not in the power set — no matter how much they pretend to be.”

‘Hypocrite’ Sussexes ‘Sink To The D-List’?

So, is it true Harry and Markle’s reputation in Hollywood has been severely damaged? That doesn’t seem to be the case. What this story really comes down to is the fact that Harry and Markle didn’t attend Barack Obama’s birthday party. First of all, Obama’s birthday party was downsized considerably over COVID concerns. Secondly, the Sussexes and Obamas live on opposite sides of the country. Thirdly, Markle just gave birth a couple of months ago. And finally, the magazine failed to mention that Markle and Obama’s birthdays fall on the very same day.

It’s totally possible Markle didn’t want to spend her special day traveling across the country, leaving her 8-week-old daughter at home, just to celebrate someone else’s birthday. As far as snubs go, people should give the Sussexes a pass here given the circumstances.

Besides, it’s clear Markle and Harry still have celebrity friends. For her own birthday, Markle decided to shed light on a cause close to her heart. For her big day, Markle uploaded a video announcing her 40×40 initiative where she challenged 40 women in her life to spend 40 minutes of their time mentoring a woman re-entering the workforce. Actress Melissa McCarthy assisted her in the announcement, and Markle was able to get Princess Eugenie, Hillary Clinton, Adele, and more celebrities to join her in the movement. Markle and Harry aren’t “sinking to the D-list” as the magazine suggests.

The Tabloid On Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

We wouldn’t trust anything the Globe has to say about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Earlier this year, the outlet alleged Harry and Markle were “begging” Queen Elizabeth to “take them back.” Then the magazine claimed Harry and Markle had insulted the queen by naming their daughter after her. Then the tabloid reported Markle was being banned from the U.K. for mocking the queen. Obviously, nothing the Globe says about the Sussexes should be taken seriously.

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