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Every member of the royal family has been subject to consistent media attention, but Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seem to take most of the negative heat, as the tabloids love formulating dramatic stories about the couple. Last year, one tabloid alleged Markle planned to feud with Kate Middleton because Middleton would have a say in who Markle’s son, Archie, was to marry. It’s all a bit confusing, so Gossip Cop is looking back at the story to find any potential truth. 

Kate Middleton Has Control Over Who Meghan Markle’s Son Marries? 

A year ago, New Idea claimed Meghan Markle grew livid after reading an article published by Daily Mail. The report explained that Archie would need permission from the crown before he was allowed to get married. The tabloid alleged Markle would “hate for William and Kate to get their revenge on her and Harry through their son.” According to the tabloids, Markle and Middleton are almost always feuding over something, and this was another reason the two have bad blood between them. 

The magazine then says that Markle planned on taking matters into her own hands to handle the situation. Apparently, she was preparing to have an “almighty showdown between herself, Kate, and the Queen.” 

Does Archie Need Permission To Get Married?

New Idea blew this story way out of proportion and published a report composed of only partial truth. First off, Archie can still get married without permission from the royal family. If he did so, he would just be disqualified from succeeding to the crown. Second, Archie is so far away from getting married. The tabloid just wants to continue pushing the narrative that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are always involved in drama with the royal family. 

The Meghan Markle Narrative Is Getting Old

The tabloids always try to paint a picture that Markle and Middleton are always in disagreement. With that, the outlets almost always portray Markle as someone stirring up trouble. About a year ago, New Idea claimed Markle was arrested during a Black Lives Matter protest. We debunked the story immediately, primarily based on how ridiculous it was. 

Markle also receives harsh criticism because of her past career as an actress. The tabloids try to say that Markle is planning to return to TV and even bothering big-name actors like Tom Cruise to help her land a role. We quickly put these stories to rest, as there is never any proof Markle is planning a return to acting.

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