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Did Prince William and Prince Harry have a “nasty fight” following the unveiling ceremony of the statue dedicated to their late mother, Princess Diana? That’s what one tabloid is reporting this week. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Uneasy Truce’ Breaks Between Prince William And Prince Harry?

According to this week’s edition of In Touch, Prince William and Prince Harry may have been cooperative in front of the cameras for the unveiling of the memorial dedicated to their late mother, Princess Diana, but they were at each other’s throats soon after. The tabloid recaps the joint statement the brothers delivered at the ceremony, remarking that the whole ordeal was pared down “mostly because of Harry’s wariness of the media and all the issues between the brothers. But for Diana’s sake, they wanted to put up a united front in public.”

But the veil dropped once they were out of view. According to the source, the brothers “met privately” after the ceremony, and that’s when things got ugly. The source explains, “With Harry now living in California, it was their last chance to see each other for a while, and the queen has been asking them to make amends. But, instead, William and Harry got into another horrible row — it ended in disaster!” The insider snitches that William expressed his “disgust” with Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle’s claims against the family, insisting “He’s madder than ever.” The source adds, “He made it very clear he won’t budge until he gets a real apology from both Harry and Meghan.”

The outlet then alleges their tense meeting will be the last for a while since “Harry probably won’t be back again until next year for the queen’s Platinum Jubilee.” The magazine also mentions the brothers weren’t “seeing eye to eye,” insisting, “William barely acknowledged Harry.” Finally, the source muses, “If a Euro Cop victory, the memory of their beloved mother, and the queen of England herself can’t negotiate peace, I don’t know what will,” adding, “but most people agree that Harry will be the one to reach out and apologize if he wants any kind of relationship with his brother, and his friends are encouraging him to do so.”

Prince William And Prince Harry’s Bond ‘Officially Severed’?

So, is it true William and Harry are on even worse terms following the Princess Diana memorial unveiling? We seriously doubt it. Firstly, the tabloid can’t seem to keep its story straight. The outlet references a “huge fight” multiple times throughout the report, but the source only talks about “tensions,” even saying they didn’t acknowledge each other.

But we can say for certain that this isn’t true. According to all credible reports, the brothers worked together amicably and were even photographed smiling while alone together. We wouldn’t call that “barely acknowledging” one another.

Prince William, Prince Harry smiling and walking together outdoors
(Yui Mok – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Furthermore, we can tell this alleged “insider” doesn’t know much about the brothers’ plans. First of all, the ceremony wasn’t “pared down” because Harry despised the media attention.

Instead, the ceremony was kept small due to COVID concerns, and there is another, more extravagant ceremony planned in September. Harry is indeed slated to return to the UK for the more grandiose occasion, which also throws a wrench into the tabloid’s claim that he wouldn’t return until next year. Since the source can’t get these simple details straight, we wouldn’t trust anything else they have to say.

The Tabloid On The Sussexes

We wouldn’t trust anything In Touch prints about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Earlier this year, the magazine alleged Kate Middleton had banned Meghan Markle from attending Prince Philip’s funeral. Then, the outlet reported William and Harry were “torn apart” by Markle. The publication even insisted Harry and Markle were “banned from the palace forever.” Obviously, In Touch is far from credible when it comes to the royals.

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