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Is Prince Harry getting too close to ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy? One report says the two had a suspiciously deep conversation at a charity polo match. Gossip Cop investigates.

Former Flame, Good Friend

According to New Idea, Harry took time out of a recent charity polo match to catch up with his ex-girlfriend. Harry was spotted chatting with a blonde-haired woman whom onlookers insisted looked exactly like Davy. Davy and Harry dated for six years before breaking up in 2010.

“Harry and Chelsy are still friends,” an insider explains. “It’s not out of the question that it might be her.” The two “frequently keep in touch when time permits.” This wouldn’t be the first time the two have publicly caught up, as insiders said they found time during his trip to London in July.

Prince Harry Flirting With Exes?

Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry are still on good terms. It’s obvious that this tabloid is trying to frame a conversation between them as uncouth or scandalous, but that’s just not the nature of their relationship. New Idea fails to mention that he invited Davy to his wedding, something he would have had to have cleared with Meghan Markle. Getting lunch with a friend hardly constitutes news.

That being said, this story is bogus for another reason entirely: It didn’t happen. Davy was not spotted in Aspen. The story itself relies on “onlookers,” as if a layperson would be able to recognize Harry’s ex-girlfriend from the 2000s from faraway glimpses alone. Davy was last spotted cruising around Africa with a new man, and there are no reports that she’s moved to Colorado of all places.

Consider this: Critics of Harry noticed what kind of airplane he flew in on. Do you think folks at the Daily Mail would let a conversation with his ex-girlfriend go unnoticed? The British press is ready to pounce on Harry for anything and everything he does, so there’s no way this reunion would only get reported in New Idea alone.

The headline of this story may as well say “Prince Harry Talks To Woman!” That’s all anyone can say for certain. He and Davy have been platonic friends for over a decade at this point. This is a non-story on so many levels and a bait-and-switch to boot. Harry did not talk to Davy in Aspen, but if he had, it wouldn’t really be worth any hubbub whatsoever.

Other Bogus Stories

This outlet reported that Harry and Markle broke up in June, but that didn’t happen. He also never got in a huge fight with Prince William when they unveiled the Princess Diana statue. Harry did not beg Queen Elizabeth for forgiveness either. These made-up stories demonstrate how little New Idea actually knows about Harry.

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