Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie riding in a carriage together

Is Princess Beatrice worried about her sister, Princess Eugenie? One tabloid insists the sisters are at odds over Princess Eugenie’s friendship with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Only A Matter Of Time’ Before Sussexes ‘Burn’ Princess Eugenie?

This week, Woman’s Day reports that Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice don’t see eye-to-eye on the subject of their cousin Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. According to the report, Eugenie’s recent participation in Markle’s 40×40 charity initiative drew concern from Beatrice. It’s no secret that the Sussexes are leasing their Frogmore Cottage to Eugenie and her husband, and Beatrice is convinced they’re taking advantage of her sister.

An inside source explains, “Bea thinks they’re using her,” adding, “Eugenie is kind and generous to a fault. Even though she’s the youngest child, she was always taking responsibility for her family’s many problems over the years and peacemaking comes naturally to her. She’s like the ‘Swiss neutral zone’ for the royals, but there are real fears her naturally trusting nature will backfire.”

The insider says that Beatrice is “worried [Harry and Markle] are keeping her sweet because she’s useful for them to gain information on what’s being said and done within the palace. Since they’ve been unceremoniously cut off, the only person who talks to them directly is Eugenie, and she’s sweet enough to be tricked into spilling something she shouldn’t.”

The magazine notes that Beatrice has been cautious around her cousin and his wife ever since Markle announced her first pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding in 2018. “That was a betrayal in itself, so it’s only a matter of time before they burn her again. Beatrice is shrewder than her sister and she sees straight through Meghan and her games.”

Meghan Markle Using Princess Eugenie To Access ‘Palace Secrets’?

After looking into the claims, we found this story to be totally false. First of all, the magazine relies entirely on the word of unnamed insiders and likely has no royal connections at all. Secondly, it’s bizarre how this story paints Eugenie as some sort gullible fool. We’re sure Eugenie is fully capable of taking care of herself and doesn’t need her younger sister to vet all of her friends for her.

Besides, the tabloid portrayed a clear lack of knowledge about the Sussexes’ relationship with Eugenie. First of all, it’s been clear since Harry and Eugenie were kids that they were more like close friends than cousins. Furthermore, Markle was friends with Eugenie before she ever even met Harry. Eugenie remained close to the duke and duchess throughout their entire relationship, and to this day, she and her husband live in the Sussexes’ Windsor home. It’s clear from the tabloid’s sheer lack of context that it only meant to villainize Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Tabloid On Princess Eugenie

This wouldn’t be the first time Woman’s Day has gotten it wrong about Princess Eugenie. Last year, the outlet alleged she was expecting twins. Of course, Eugenie welcomed a single baby boy earlier this year, proving the tabloid wrong. Then the magazine claimed Eugenie was “stung” by Markle’s second pregnancy announcement. The tabloid also reported Eugenie and Beatrice were being evicted from their palace homes. And more recently, the publication claimed Eugenie and Markle were having “dueling christenings.” Obviously, Woman’s Day isn’t reliable when it comes to the royal family.

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