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EXTRACTION starred Chris Hemsworth (AVENGERS: ENDGAME) as Tyler Rake, “a fearless black market mercenary who embarks on the deadliest mission of his career when he’s enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an international crime lord.” The hard-hitting action flick proved to be one of Netflix’s most popular films of all-time, and they quickly got the ball rolling on a sequel. AVENGERS: ENDGAME co-director Joe Russo penned the EXTRACTION screenplay, as well as produced the film alongside his brother Anthony Russo, and he’s set to return to pen the script once again.

Joe and Anthony Russo recently spoke with ComicBook.com about the upcoming Netflix film MOSUL, which they co-produced, and Joe provided a brief update on the EXTRACTION sequel, which is expected to begin production sometime next year.

Yeah we’re still working on two. We’re in the script phase right now but we’re hoping to shoot that sometime next year. And then you know, say I’m super excited, Hemsworth’s super excited, Netflix is excited so it’s really just a function of getting the script done.

It still remains to be seen exactly just what form the EXTRACTION sequel will take (those who have seen the film know what I mean), but Joe Russo has acknowledged that the ending definitely left the audience a few questions “We’re not committing yet to whether that story goes forward, or backward in time,” Russo said earlier this year. “We left a big loose ending that leaves question marks for the audience… [Tyler Rake] is a great character to write for, with a fantastic performance from Hemsworth. So it makes my job easier. I think the mission is to up the scale on this one both emotionally and physically.” What are your hopes for the EXTRACTION sequel?

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