Queen Elizabeth wears a robins egg blue dress and matching hat for Trooping the Color

Queen Elizabeth’s health has come under scrutiny in recent weeks after the 95-year-old monarch pulled out of several high-profile events in order to follow medical advice. Though she was expected to attend the Remembrance Day event, the queen also “regretfully” had to cancel that appearance as well due to a “sprained back.” Now questions about the health of Britain’s royal matriarch have swirled in the tabloids, with some outlets claiming the queen’s condition is far worse than palace officials are letting on. 

Latest Cancellation Sparks Renewed Fears For Queen Eliza

Late last month, Queen Elizabeth canceled a scheduled visit to Northern Ireland, citing advice from medical officials that called for the 95-year-old to rest at home. At the time, palace officials said she’d “reluctantly” agreed to rest at home, though it was later revealed that she’d spent the night in a London hospital for a “preliminary investigation.” 

No direct information about Queen Elizabeth’s health was given, but it was noted that her medical malady wasn’t “COVID related,” which was good news. The bad news is that there are a host of other possibilities that could affect a woman the queen’s age, and none of them are good. 

When the queen announced that she wouldn’t be attending Remembrance Day festivities, it was explained that she’d be resting at home after experiencing a sprain in her back, which is certainly the last thing we’d expect from a woman who’s already on light, desk duties. The tabloids have already run amok with feverish, highly speculative stories about what they believe ails the queen, and each report is more outlandish than the last. 

In some encouraging news, the queen did meet with the outgoing Chief of the Defense Staff, Sir Nick Carter, yesterday, her first meeting since she went to the hospital weeks ago.

Queen Elizabeth’s Health In The Tabloids

The National Enquirer, that eternal bastion of ignorance and deception, claimed in a recent issue that Queen Elizabeth was “dying in plain sight” amid a “leukemia crisis.” The disreputable outlet was exploiting the monarch’s recent health woes to sell a few more issues of its trashy rags. 

Other outlets have been only slightly less gleeful in their reporting on the queen’s health downturn. Star recently insisted that her health crisis had plunged the palace into chaos and had the royal family supposedly falling apart. As the family proved with their united front on Remembrance Day, this was totally false. With Camilla Parker Bowles, Kate Middleton, and Prince Edward’s wife, Sophie, standing in for the beloved monarch, it was clearer than ever that the family was determined to stand together to support her legacy. 

While we won’t question the official account of Queen Elizabeth’s health status, we have to admit we’re very curious about how she’s really doing. Based on what little information that’s available, it has to be something fairly serious if it’s sidelined the notoriously active and vigorous monarch. We send our wishes for her good health and will keep our eyes peeled for any updates on her condition.

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