It’s been a year since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left England for the States, and there hasn’t been a week where they haven’t been followed by rumors. One tabloid claims that Queen Elizabeth is going to strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their so they can’t earn money off of them anymore. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Queen Hits Meghan And Harry In The Wallet’

In an exclusive story, Globe reports, “Prince Harry and his high-maintenance wife, Meghan, are set to be stripped of the royal titles they’re using to rake in big bucks by a furious Queen Elizabeth.” The Sussexes “are scheduled to meet with” Queen Elizabeth in March regarding the future use of their titles, “prince” and “duchess.” Queen Elizabeth “has always prized quiet dignity and a focus on doing good deeds rather than pursuing wealth.”

The tabloid calls the Sussexes trying to make money “shameful” and notes that Queen Elizabeth “has already kicked her favorite son Prince Andrew out of the family for his disgraceful relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.” The Globe then claims that Markle has purposefully “isolated” Prince Harry “from his family and former life” and has left him “scrambling to make deals to support his high-living family.” The article concludes by saying, “If the queen strips them of their titles in March… he’ll be up a California creek without a paddle.”

Where To Begin?

The Globe is a disgraceful tabloid that once alleged that Markle staged her miscarriage for publicity. Even by low tabloid standards, it’s trash. You can see that on full display here where it compares the actions of Prince Andrew as being the same as the Sussexes signing a deal with Netflix. Its hatred of Markle is palpable and vile.

There is no truth to this story. We’ve already busted the narrative that Prince Harry is trapped by Markle, and we called out this exact tabloid when it ran an almost identical story about Prince Harry losing his titles. In that story, Prince Harry was choosing to stay an American citizen, and in this one, the queen was taking the titles out of… well, that’s not clear.

Why Do This Now?

The final words of this story make it sound as though Queen Elizabeth wants her grandchildren to be destitute. For one thing, if the Sussexes lost their titles, they wouldn’t immediately lose the podcast or Netflix deals. Furthermore, Markle and Prince Harry continue to do charity work, so so much for that ridiculous line about valuing good deeds over wealth.

More Bogus Stories

Gossip Cop is at a loss for words with this story. We’ve already busted this rag’s story about Markle causing the queen to collapse, and it claimed last month that Markle was walking out on Prince Harry. The Globe has no legitimate information about the royal family and substitutes its lack of knowledge with misinformation and hatred. There is no title-based meeting coming in March, and stripping the titles wouldn’t do what this tabloid claims it would.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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