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Press-on nails have definitely improved since gaining popularity in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Gone are the days when your bright red press-on nails only lasted a few hours, popping off of your fingers with little to no warning.

While Lee Press-On Nails and KISS Nails dominated the market then, there are been several new nail brands that have entered the chat. Clutch Nails, The Nail Shop, Static Nails, and many more brands have improved the quality and durability of press-on nails. Even KISS has a new line of press-on nails called imPRESS featuring affordable, cute, and easy to DIY press-on gel nails. 

Press-on nails can be as over-the-top or as natural as you’d like them to be. The colors and designs are tailored to so many unique styles that you’re sure to find some you love. From simple french manis, neutral colors, and bedazzled nails, there’s something for everyone!

When applying your press-on nails, prep your nails first. Remove any nail polish, trim your nails, and file them if needed. Prepping your nails will ensure that the press-on nails stay on as long as possible. You can use nail glue or adhesive tabs to apply your press-on nails. If you decide to go the more durable route and use nail glue when applying your press-on nails, your nails will likely stay on better.

But now, how do you safely get those nails off with minimal damage?

The Press-On, Soak Off

On TikTok, @ilysmnails posted a video with over 80k views. The video shows you how to easily remove your press-on nails.

First, grab a bowl and add warm water. Then, add oil and soap to the water. The video doesn’t specify what type of oil or soap, but in several other videos, argon oil, olive oil, and even lavender oil were used. Dish soap and hand soap were also used in different videos. If the water cools off, feel free to add more warm water to the bowl.

Next, soak your nails for about 20 minutes or until the nail starts to separate. Gently, using a nail tool, separate the press-on from the nail bed. This will allow you to reuse your nails later. You can remove the glue and repaint or redecorate the nails for your next favorite style.

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