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Are Renée Zellweger‘s pals urging her to tread carefully when it comes to her new beau Ant Anstead? That’s what one tabloid would have readers believe. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor.

Renée Zellweger ‘Jumped In Too Quickly’ To New Relationship?

Not long ago, Woman’s Day reported Renée Zellweger is moving too fast with her new boyfriend Ant Anstead. According to the report, Zellweger is “confirming her friends’ worst fears” about her new romance. An inside source tells the tabloid, “She’s been coy about ‘some guy’ she’s been dating for a few weeks now and now we know why,” adding, “Ant has a reputation in Hollywood for being something of a ladies’ man so everyone’s hoping she doesn’t get too serious with him.”

The outlet then speculates that it may be too late for that since Zellweger’s been spotted spending time with Anstead’s toddler son. The source continues, “Ant is a classic example of ‘dating up’ and there’s a real fear he’s using Renée.” The outlet then speculates Anstead isn’t in it for the right reasons and will soon stray. “They’ve started saying they’re exclusive, but the big worry is she’s about to find out they have somewhat different definitions of the word,” muses the source, “Poor Renée always jumps in too quick and I’m afraid this is no different.”

‘Friends’ Urge Renée Zellweger To ‘Slow Down’?

So, is it true Renée Zellweger’s pals are worried sick that she’s going to get her heart broken? We seriously doubt it. While it’s not outlandish to suggest Zellweger’s friends are looking out for her, it’s unlikely any true friend of the star is turning to a tabloid to express their concerns. Going behind Zellweger’s back to cast doubt on her relationship doesn’t seem like the behavior of a concerned friend but rather the musings of a gossip hound. The thing is Zellweger and Anstead seem to be doing just fine.

Zellweger and Anstead seem to be serving fans weekly with steamy PDA sessions. Just last week, Zellweger and Anstead were seen embracing during a romantic bike ride. And even more recently, the couple was spotted kissing on the beach. It’s clear they’re crazy about each other and don’t care who knows it. Since Anstead hasn’t been connected to anyone else other than Zellweger since his recent divorce, it’s hard to see where this alleged “ladies’ man” reputation is coming from. In all likelihood, the tabloid invented this whole story to stir up trouble in the high-profile relationship.

The Tabloid On Renée Zellweger

We wouldn’t trust anything Woman’s Day has to say about Zellweger. Back in 2019, the outlet alleged Zellweger was striking up a romance with actor Colin Firth. Then, early last year, the magazine suggested Zellweger was actually caught in a love triangle between Firth and Tom Cruise. The tabloid then reported Zellweger had a “sleepover” with Bradley Cooper after The Oscars. It’s clear Woman’s Day has absolutely no insight into Zellweger’s love life.

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